The University of Tampa 1988 – Three balls of light

Providing White Light Energy Healing

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The University of Tampa 1988 – Three balls of light

I went to sleep in my dorm room and experienced a form of sleep paralysis. I had experienced it as a teenager. Imagine your mind is wide awake but your body is sent paralyzing hormones to prevent you from physically acting out your dreams.

Now throw in the feeling of an evil entity approaching you. That’s what I was experiencing as I desperately tried to move my body. I tried to roll over to break out of it.  

I then saw three white globes of light enter my bedroom through a window and line up in the shape of an upside down triangle. Frightened, I told it to get out and it quickly flew away. I went back to sleep.

The same night my consciousness was suddenly in my younger brothers room in our family home. A large dark shadowy figure with a helmet with horns and cape approached my younger brother. I could tell that he was experiencing the sleep paralyzes phenomena. The figure bent over my brother and was about to touch him when my protective instincts somehow enabled me to drive it away with a burst of white light.

I called my brother the next day to ask if he had a strange dream. He recounted the same events but saw a less defined shadowy figure. When it went away, he felt a maternal presence protecting him? Now I know that it was from my Guardian Angel. He later told me that our older brother, who was living in the room below his, was playing with a Ouji board that very night.

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