Northridge Earthquake 1994

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Northridge Earthquake 1994

On January 16th of 1994, I told my roommates that we were going to have a big earthquake.. “What are you psychic?” one skeptically asked. “Yes I am, and it’s going to be big, I replied from a place of “knowing”. I later learned that this ability is called claircognizance, this enables me the intuitive ability to clearly knowing things.

I went to sleep with my clothing on and during the early morning I was shaken up to a 6.7 earthquake. I stood in my bedroom doorway regretting that I didn’t leave town, as my building was swaying to fall over the above ground parking lot. Luckily the support poles were meant for that and after squeaking they sprung back preventing the collapse. I lived a mile from the freeway pictured below.

I literally couldn’t think straight anymore and begun experiencing panic attacks. I was stuck in my head with strands of unresolved negative memories swirling around. The earthquake had given me post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD).

Evidently, if you think you are going to die and felt you could have done something about it, you become susceptible to PTSD. Go figure.  

Looking back at my symptoms, I developed a theory that the earthquake filled me with energy that became trapped inside of me. Since my panic attacks only occurred when I was speaking with someone, I realized that I was receiving something from them that pushed the earthquake energy up into my brain. The symptom causing me pain felt like my brain was being bombarded with electrical current. Please read the results of this study from the that support my theory.

“Biomagnetic Communication Between People

We have found there is a direct relationship between the heart-rhythm patterns and the spectral information encoded in the frequency spectra of the magnetic field radiated by the heart. Thus, information about a person’s emotional state is encoded in the heart’s magnetic field and is communicated throughout the body and into the external environment.”

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