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“My chest felt like it split in two and my hips now feel balanced.”

I used to be very happy and outgoing, everything seemed to work my way. Recently, I have this heavy feeling and negativity with me all the time, as if someone is watching me?

It grew stronger after a break up from a relationship. According to a psychic specialist, there is an evil eye which I must remove. I want to remove it according to Judaism. How do I do so?

Ken, I am a bit concerned. I don’t know how to recognize if the negativity is gone. I stopped by the lady again– we did meditation with a candle— on the candle when she blew on the fire– no smoke came at all. on the candle there was an image of.. excuse me, male organ?

Looked almost like.. a penis? sorry. Not really sure what it was– I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

She had used this very same candle and smoke did come out. So the evil eye is totally removed?

Ken, are you able to see anything about me? what can you see? do you need my birth of date? I was in a museum in France over winter break– but don’t see how this can be a clue? I am majoring psychology and minoring Biology.

The lady didn’t charge me anything for the ritual. she says she only wants to help– the more she helps people the more power she gets — the more she can help others?

She took the candle for analysis. it looked like a penis to me but she thought at first it looks like a serpent.


You won’t believe it but I got up this morning feeling like a new person before I even got your email, I feel alive and fresh. I will go on PayPal soon and make the payment.

Omiros Vasiliou

Dear Ken,

Thanks for removed the evil eyes from me. I don’t like to keep nothing from that bad things with me. I like to say once time thanks for all you done for me and Dora and I wish you all the best for all in your life.

Dennis Ramos

Dear Ken,

It has been a long time since we contacted each other, due to a severe illness that I encountered and it almost cost me my life in may of 2010, I have been recovering and never forgot about what you shared with me in regard to the information two years ago. Let me know how I can send you the initial fee we discussed before and I can arrange to send you a money order or wire the money to you.

Thanks Again,

Dennis Ramos

Thank you very much!

Dear Ken,

My symptoms include headaches, negative energy, negative feelings, stagnation, bad luck, sick at times, depression,etc I am Greek and have tried to removed several times, I feel someone has cast an evil eye curse upon me. I do wear an evil eye pendant now.

Bill Siarkas


Hi Ken,

Thank you very much, I’m donating through your website. Thanks Again for your help on this matter.

Bill Siarkas